December, 2014

SGD Finalist 2014 for the Student award

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Oh my word, I am still reeling from the surprise at being selected as a finalist. The date is looming now, nervous about what is going to happen on the night! Civil servant colleagues are keeping me grounded, telling me to practice my ‘loser face’ and


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Could not pass up the chance of a freebie ticket to the Matisse cut out exhibition. Only managed a  flying visit before the Illustrated Garden talk with Dan Pearson, Fergus Garret and Anna Pavord. No photos allowed at the Tate so I am going back armed with my

phase two…..

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GDPT,FT and LA FT 2014

I am a very lucky person, I have had a brilliant 4 years, ups and downs included, met some really great people and feel very very proud of what I have achieved, just got the interview and I am done. Off to Royal Geographic tomorrow for a Fergus Garrett/Dan Pearson

Out of the chaos…….

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My workspace……and my work….….how is it even  possible I have nearly completed this degree…… ‘Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.’ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Press any key

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Command A/Properties/select black….apparently that is how easy it is to turn  construction drawing black instead of the pale  grey which mine all are… I spend 15 minutes writing ‘commandA’….nothing….’COMMANDA’….nothing…..’A’….a

‘Final,final, final’

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Spotted spelling mistake, changed it, fiddled with filters and opacity, realised one of my captions not properly placed, changed it, realised key pic was missing, changed it …….need to walk away……..

Final final 1 to 50

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Beginning to wonder why I went down the whole ‘I want my work to look different’ route. Arriving at a final style has been a bit like trying  to getting blood out of a stone. It has been a long and tortuous process. I think I have arrived…..well

Things that make me go ‘grrrrr’

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  1. My manager e mailing me and asking where are my 400 words is to round up my achievements this performance year as I am being moderated shortly! Aaaargh….I wrote my PDR before I left….all he has to do is go through it and pull some stuff


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In a bit of a zombie state since Monday. Tuesday was a write off and I spent on Wednesday and Thursday making my 1:200 model… is as much as I can do….I don’t know why I am finding progress slow. I really need to pull my finger out and regain

Reality check

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I have a job interview on 12 May for a Stakeholder and Engagement manager in the Central London Enforcement office…..difficult as these last few weeks have been I do NOT want to go back to my old life. I want to move forward in the garden design world…..I