Is this what you are looking for…?

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Experimenting with style ,obviously not as in the  ‘falling with style’ meaning but rather the look of the sketch. Is it this one?             or this             or this               or

It’s 2a.m…..really…..

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That is the time I went to bed and it is now coming up to 6.30 a.m and I am up. No mean feat all made the worse because when I go to bed I am completely wired and have to watch crap TV to bore me to sleep. On a positive note both boys are up, one out for a run

More trees

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J and J check out my trees with drop shadows, this is soo exciting….well for me anyway!     Also been drawing upright trees but scanner started playing up so going to bed instead! ….yet more trees…             Finally

Design freeze

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I hate sketch up….only because I know that the reason it doesn’t work for me is my own stupid fault…there is a tiny little error that someone with knowledge could solve in a nano second….and it is no good trawling for hours on the net and

Slow progress

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Struggling with progress, finding it very difficult to visualise what I want without losing spontaneity, it feels a bit frantic now, as if there is no time to give anything serious consideration. At least I am on annual leave for the next 10 days so will have

There are no words!

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