November, 2013

Southwark strategy

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alium and euphorbia

Am guessing my ‘if you build a mall the people will come’ strategy will not cut the mustard….but they seem to think it will work in Croydon. They are building a massive Westfield and planning on expanding the road network and parking so people


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The hardest thing about Metis?  Actually pressing the send button. I tried to explain to Ian who is my technical support and whose heart sinks every time I call out, probably in a whiney voice….. ‘ what does it mean when photoshop does this?’ ‘what

Fergus Garrett at Tatsfield Village Hall

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Went to listen to Fergus Garrett tonight, what a bargain….. it only cost £4.00. He was the lure to get the headcount up for the Tatsfield Horticultural Society AGM. We were the gatecrashers. He spoke for over an hour about Great Dixter with real passion


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  Stayed up till gone one,twiddling about with photoshop. Went to bed feeling really pleased with myself because I had created some halfway decent images. When i asked Ian why my images were not sharp I was told I had been working off the thumbnails…..aaargh.

Keeping it real

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Echinacea overhead cutout

No-one ever said anything about keeping it real…with all those heavy lines everywhere it would look incongruent  to have real people and vegetation……am I missing the point? Been up since 5 so that is entirely possible. This is as good as it

Sketchup,priorities and time

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bughouse copy

Time,there is not enough of it, maybe I should have skipped life drawing but I skipped it two weeks ago because I was sorting out my Louis XIV presentation …… Which brings me to priorities, I do it all the time at work…..’I’m sorry,

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    Check out these guys,Jo Gibbons and Neil Davidson.Went to their talk tonight at the garden museum, they had a strong ethos that was reflected in their urban public space designs. Mostly in and around London so very relevant to Southwark. I particularly

After the Apocalypse

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After the Apocalypse The landscape is shattered. Seemingly permanent structures have collapsed. It is bleak, overwhelming and catastrophic. The emotions experienced are represented by the colours: red heralds the danger that abounds and sits alongside orange


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cotoneaster fresco for slider

I am making progress with Metis, it’s all a bit artsy but I did what was suggested, better late than never,Shattered the tiles by dropping them,then taking photos and then into photoshop to try and get some ‘dynamic’ images….now which one