December, 2013

Klee at the Tate

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Managed to get to the Tate today and spent 3 hours at the Klee exhibition. Thoroughly inspiring afternoon looking and sketching and just what I needed. The line on some of the paintings is so fine, learned about the oil transfer technique,would like to try that

Last Pinup before Christmas

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It was quite a harrowing day, all things considered. After feeling very confident last night having managed to produce 3 sheets for pin up,  this morning I was not so sure. J and J were quite harsh at the start of the crit and it freaked me out completely….by

Sometimes I amaze myself!

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Came out of uni last week and thought ‘yeah,there is no way I am going to get this together’…what with work and all the other shit flying around it was never going to happen…..and yet here I am, admittedly nearly 1:00am, and feeling quite


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My very rough sketches for the Southwark parks Playful – You can’t really see what it is all about. It is called seven hills park and is the only design that is completely for the local community. I keep the adventure playground but integrate it into

There are no words!

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It is 10.45 on Sunday night and I have reached that point where I am making no progress at all,staring at my overlays,staring at my information, feel as if I am rushing to put any old shit on my SOC analysis and I really need to spend more time on the site. I can’t