January, 2014

Path of the sun

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purple berries

  Trying to get to grips with site,what it will be like. getting prepared for seasonal, real time perspective sketches…..Callicarpa bodinieri btw…..and Lonicera nitida…..good combo….  


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Not in my wildest dreams did I ever consider that what I was doing would make me feel so low.  Happy with the design resolution at this stage  but it goes downhill from there.  I am not happy with the style I have ended up with and everything I produce is caveated

Design freeze

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I hate sketch up….only because I know that the reason it doesn’t work for me is my own stupid fault…there is a tiny little error that someone with knowledge could solve in a nano second….and it is no good trawling for hours on the net and

The model

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Viewfrom cafe

Mmmmmmmm………not feeling the love tonight…..               

Slow progress

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Struggling with progress, finding it very difficult to visualise what I want without losing spontaneity, it feels a bit frantic now, as if there is no time to give anything serious consideration. At least I am on annual leave for the next 10 days so will have

Mixin it up

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These are the sheets I will cut up tomorrow when I get back from Solihull. Will then try and re arrange superimposed on the outline of Dickens and Newington Gardens……et voila…….a strong compositional design will emerge…these devices

Check this bad boy out…innit!

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I got an A3 printer for Christmas ….woo hoo! It’s totes amaze balls! My illustrated note book is finished and conveniently has proved a great source of inspiration for master plan ideas that are now whizzing around in my head. I had to do a whole