February, 2014

Design Freeze

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feb14 wholea

It is 1 o clock and I think I have reached design freeze. I have kept some wide spaces,added a change in level with a ha ha and entertainment space,more trees,luminous paths and all based on a 3m2 grid with lights set into the ground…this is EXHAUSTING!


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Lille…..what can I say….for me it was all about the journey. I learned a lot but mostly about myself, I would have thought that by now I  knew all there is to know about me.  I am pretty sure the French don’t do ‘mature students’.

More trees

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J and J check out my trees with drop shadows, this is soo exciting….well for me anyway!     Also been drawing upright trees but scanner started playing up so going to bed instead! ….yet more trees…             Finally


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pencils 1

Been trying to draw some abstract trees, it’s easier  in plan so did those first. Scribbling with oil pastels using strong bold colours, great fun….which is why I am tiddling about past midnight…..having got up at 5.30…. I am determined

1,040 miles/hour

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That’s how fast the world is spinning……. I was only out by about 600 miles….let’s hope my scaling is a tad more accurate……more experiments with photoshop….Brockham St exit. Am going to try for a totally abstract

Cocktail sticks and spatial awareness

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Been experimenting with cocktail sticks and polystyrene to get an idea of spatial voids and masses and how the imposed grid would work. Also working with photoshop. Nipping up to the parks tomorrow , providing it is dry, to take some more photos and visit Jubilee