March, 2014

Done this bit!

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Nothing to say, just knackered!

Suburban schmurban

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Just when I think I am ready to jack it all in (last night plummeted to an all time low) having fallen foul of Autocad, sketch up, blah, blah, blah I see this…..Anglesey Abbey winter walk…. Absolutely stunning and fills me with hope because if I get

‘Rabbit in headlights’ syndrome

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If it is not a ‘rabbit out of the hat’ then it is ‘rabbit in headlights’….I get this periodically…at home, at work, and now here in the final stages of the course (piss poor timing needless to say ) when I feel so overwhelmed

Colouring in

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   Been working on my style amongst other things like the plant and materials palette. Counting down the days until I am free from commitments at work, no more journeys to Newcastle for at least 8 weeks although I feel dead guilty because they need someone

Is this what you are looking for…?

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Experimenting with style ,obviously not as in the  ‘falling with style’ meaning but rather the look of the sketch. Is it this one?             or this             or this               or

It’s 2a.m…..really…..

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That is the time I went to bed and it is now coming up to 6.30 a.m and I am up. No mean feat all made the worse because when I go to bed I am completely wired and have to watch crap TV to bore me to sleep. On a positive note both boys are up, one out for a run

Complete technical skills failure

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Just a record of how my  site has changed and a note to self on how woefully inadequate my technical skills are. Have drawn the plan to a very accurate scale by hand, then scanned it which turned out to be shit so then had to draw over it in sketch up. It is to

Dumb ass question

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Given up with trying to draw my grid on sketch up and am reverting to pen and ink and trace.Deep breath….OK Jamie, this is probably the stupidest, most dumb ass question you will ever get asked but here goes. When I scan my drawing, which is 1:200 and then

Hold your nerve!

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My winter letterhead! The heat is really on now. This is the beginning of the end. It’s a good feeling in a nauseous panicky kind of way. Need to focus and hold my nerve. There is no time for anything else! Steely determination is required…..this is

No disco skips and progression from chaos to simplicity

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Two bits of advice after my tutorial on Friday…’stop drawing disco skips’ and use the underlying grid to show  ‘the progression from chaos to simplicity’ . I thought I had reached ‘design freeze’ but after the re visit