April, 2014

Reality check

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I have a job interview on 12 May for a Stakeholder and Engagement manager in the Central London Enforcement office…..difficult as these last few weeks have been I do NOT want to go back to my old life. I want to move forward in the garden design world…..I

1:34 a.m.

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sun through trees

Sometimes when inspiration is needed it comes from the most unexpected places. Ian took this picture of Box Hill today …..absolutely stunning…..        


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My ‘customary crisis cup of tea’ is not helping……….

Enough said,rant over…..

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closeup of straws

For the sake of my health I have been forcing myself to go for a stompy walk every day up the hill and halfway to the airfield, its only an hour but it clears my head and stops the rising panic that should it overwhelm me would stop me dead in my tracks and progress

Planting plans and all that stuff

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Just gone 2.30 a.m, and  I have been sat at the dining room table all friggin day. Determined to finish my hugely complicated 1 : 50 planting plan. Whether I get to the end of this palaver is debatable at this stage but I swear I could not work any harder,

que sera sera

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Managed to get out this morning to the outdoor gym at Lloyd Park. It was very quiet and peaceful. Sitting at the computer all day every day is not what I envisaged at all and am in danger of morphing into a humungous blob rather than an average one. Progress is


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Mmmm, am thinking my planting plan is looking rather festive, if all else fails I may go in to Christmas card production. Went to the Tower today to print, felt totally intimidated by all the techy auto cad  photo realistic stuff being produced. My stuff looked

Warning shot across the bows

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The allotment police finally got me today, I have had a strike one letter, ‘a warning shot across the bows’, their words not mine. I had to go down there this morning with Ian  to weed,dig and  strum….not strum…STRIM….but actually

Today I bombed….

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I have had a totally unproductive day that I cannot really afford. I may as well have gone to the allotment and done some weeding  as I am in danger of being chucked off the site. They are merciless when it comes allotment cultivation, at least 75%, and the inspections

You speak in riddles…….

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Why do I feel like I’ve got to find a mountiain that nobody’s ever seen. And work out the answer to a riddle that nobody’s ever solved. I think I have completed 2 of the 21 sheets required but have that sinking feeling that I will be revisiting