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Command A/Properties/select black….apparently that is how easy it is to turn  construction drawing black instead of the pale  grey which mine all are… I spend 15 minutes writing ‘commandA’….nothing….’COMMANDA’….nothing…..’A’….a whole load of things beginning with ‘A’ but no ‘properties’….’Command’ space ‘A’…..nothing….space  ‘A’ space ‘COMMAND’ ….nothing, so then I start again….. eventually I call long suffering technical support, a seasoned Mac user who just presses the ‘COMMAND’ key (DOH!) and A and hey presto….properties ….select black….well not quite as easy as that but I do  have a black and white drawing. Obviously feeling flushed with success I tried to rectify a ‘HATCH’ mistake and now I cannot get the soil hatch where it should be without filling the entire page with a very pretty soil pattern…. that is 1 hour I won’t ever be getting back again….when they said ‘press any key’ it was muggins here  asking…….’and which is the any key?’ The fact that I have managed anything at all on AutoCad is a miracle….yay me!

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