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Could not pass up the chance of a freebie ticket to the Matisse cut out exhibition. Only managed a  flying visit before the Illustrated Garden talk with Dan Pearson, Fergus Garret and Anna Pavord. No photos allowed at the Tate so I am going back armed with my sketchbook and pencil crayons, all those glorious shapes and colours were breathtaking. This stranger came up to me and said’ I know you are enjoying this because  you have not stopped smiling’, there were church vestments and stained glass windows as well….I had no idea……

The talk was good but next year we are forking out another fiver so we can get a glass of champagne and the goody bag, and after the ‘talk’ we had tapas at cafe Brandisi, sitting outside on the streets of London on a warm summer evening with gardening friends….good times…..

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