SGD Finalist 2014 for the Student award

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Oh my word, I am still reeling from the surprise at being selected as a finalist. The date is looming now, nervous about what is going to happen on the night! Civil servant colleagues are keeping me grounded, telling me to practice my ‘loser face’ and ‘polite clapping’. It occurs to me that I have not posted on here what I  submitted so here it is….Time is marching on…. all I am hoping for is maybe a job offer of sorts? Or maybe I should bite the bullet and do the master? I wonder if Sheffield and Nigel Dunnet would consider me for long distance study?


01.Project Statement METIS06.Context METIS02. MASTERPLAN METIS

03. Supporting sequentials METIS 04. Supporting sequential METIS 05. Supporting sequentials METIS

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